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Welcome to Ivelisse-Velez.Com, your Official soure for Puerto Rican wrestling sesnsation Ivelisse Velez. Here you will find the latest updates of appearances, results, images and much much more. The gallery currently holds over 42,000 images and growing daily. Enjoy the site! - Amy

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Have you ever met Ivelisse? Have you an interesting story you would like to share with us? Oh you do? Then keep reading. Here at Iveisse-Velez.Com, we love hearing from other fans and seeing their exclusive pictures. If you would like to send pictures of your experience of meeting our girl then pop them in an email and send them to staff@ivelisse-velez.com See? easy isnt it? We fully credit for every donation, so send yours today.
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19th TNA One Night Only PPV Spoilers
Mar 2013 News posted by Mickey • Filed in: TNA(0)

Hey Gang. We have added Spoilers for TNA One Night Only PPV tapings. Huge thanks to TNAInsider.Com for them. Check back for more details on when you can view the shows & more. Thanks & Enjoy!

TNA One Night Only – Knockouts Knockdown Pay Per View: Lei’d Tapa defeated Ivelisse after countering her Guillotine Choke into a side slam.
TNAInsider.Com Results Page

TNA One Night Only – World Cup Of Wrestling Pay Per View: Teams are Team USA, Team Aces and 8s, Team UK, and Team International. Aces and 8′s introduce Ivelisse Velez as their Knockout representative. Velez defeated Mickie James.
TNAInsider.Com Results Page

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Upcoming Appearances
When: April 18th
Where: The Orpheum, Ybor City, Florida
Bell Time: 9pm
Match: Ivelisse vs Saraya Knight
More Info: HERE
If you know of any more upcoming appearances, be sure to let us know! Also feel free to donate any candids from Ivelisse' appearances to staff@ivelisse-velez.com.Full Credit Given
Puerto Rican Rewind!

SHINE 11 saw Ivelisse take on 3 opponents in her bid to become the first SHINE womem's Champion. After successfully defeating three opponents in a fatal 4 way and Santana Garrett in a one on one match, Ivelisse sites were set on Mia Yim in the semi final round. However luck was about to run out as Rain "accidentally" cost Ivelisse her match. Later that night Rain would become the champion. With SHINE 12 just around the corner could we see an end to Valkyrie as Ivelisse tries to get some form of payback.
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This is the ONLY Ivelisse Twitter account any others are indeed posers and should be reported whenever possible if found.

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This is the ONLY Ivelisse on Facebook. Ivelisse does add fans to this account but please be respectful of her decision to accept/decline you.

003:Ivelisse's Official Youtube Account.
This is Ivelisse's Youtube account in which you can watch some of her Indy Matches. All video's uploaded by Ivelisse herself.

Picture Of The Moment
Taken from TNA IMPACT Wrestling [28/02/13]
Do it the Gracie way!
As you all know (well we hope you do!) Ivelisse is a huge fan of mixed martial arts and regularly attends the Gracie Ju Jitsu Academy in Tampa. Staying fit is always a plus, but staying safe and being able to defend yourself in the event of an attack is vital. Be sure to stop by the site and maybe even consider attending a class near you!
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