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14th Full Impact Pro:Declaration of Independence Results
Jul 2014 News posted by Amy • Filed in: Full Impact Pro(0)

In what was set to be a tense match between the two Ivelisse took on Shanna at Full Impact Pro’s Declaration of Independence show. Shanna came out rocking a Brazil attire accompanied by a soccer ball to which the referee held her back and told her to put the ball down reminding her this isn’t soccer. Shanna attacks Ivelisse before the bell even sounds but Ivelisse hits back with a double leg take down. Both girls go at it tenfold with lots of kicks and forearms to each other. Ivelisse goes for her roundhouse kick but Shanna moves and the referee goes down. Ivelisse then goes for the hurricanrana but Shanna blocks it and puts Ivelisse on the turnbuckles and into the tree of woe. Shanna kicks Ivelisse and then she goes up top for a double stomp and she connects. Shanna gets the three count….or so we believe! After the match, Ivelisse says something to the original referee when he recovers and he explains what happened and the match is restarted. Ivelisse misses a spin kick and Shanna tries for a Dragon suplex. Shanna runs Ivelisse into the turnbuckles and then goes to charge into the corner but Ivelisse avoids her and hits the Code Red for the three count. After the match, Ivelisse is interviews and asked what is next. Ivelisse says that whoever wants this title, come and get it. You know where she is.

Winner: Ivelisse

11th Full Impact Pro Promo – Ivelisse KNOWS she will beat Shanna
Jul 2014 News posted by Amy • Filed in: Full Impact Pro(0)

25th Full Impact Pro: Florida Rumble Results – [22/06/14]
Jun 2014 News posted by Jen • Filed in: Full Impact Pro, Gallery(0)

Ivelisse was scheduled for a non title bout against Candice LeRae, however an interruption from Mia Yim and Leva Bates before the match could get underway saw them offer a Shine Tag Team Championship opportunity to the team of Ivelisse and Candice. An opportunity they take, after a little discussion. Getting off to a somewhat comical start, the action soon picks up as Mia and Ivelisse get in to a game of one upmanship, trading kicks and eventually going head to head. In the end the more seasoned tag team of Mia and Leva work together to overcome and hit Candice with their duo finisher, retaining their titles. But ever the sportswoman, Ivelisse congratulates all involved on an intense match.

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25th Shine 20 Promo
Jun 2014 News posted by Jen • Filed in: SHINE(0)

Ivelisse has a few choice words for her opponent this Friday at Shine 20, Serena Deeb.

22nd CCW Summer Heat – 21/06/14 Results & Candids
Jun 2014 News posted by Amy • Filed in: Results(0)

Last Night Ivelisse made her return to wrestle with Coastal Championship Wrestling in their Summer Heat show. Never a dull moment when The Huntress takes on Mia Yim and the night was meant to be as Ivelisse picked up the victory and was even rocking new attire? There’s simply no stopping Velez!
Candids (Credit:Jarret)

11th Evolve 29 & 30 Results
May 2014 News posted by Jen • Filed in: Evolve(0)

Evolve 29: Ivelisse was on hand for the Main Event match, accompanying AR Fox and Uhaa Nation to face Anthony Nese and Trent Baretta who had Su Yung in their corner. During the match, Ivelisse was attacked by Christina Von Eerie, setting up a confrontation for the second night.

Evolve 30: Ivelisse was introduced to the ring and asked about her altercation with Christina. She took the mic and said she was there for one reason and that was to call Christina out, she knew she was in the building. Von Eerie didn’t wait long to answer the challenge, stalking out to the ring the brawl was instantly on as Ivelisse launched herself at her. They spilled to the outside and used the ring barriers as weapons before scuffling back in to the ring. Referees fighting to split them up, neither woman was willing to back down. Eventually Von Eerie was dragged away by two officials, leaving Ivelisse to taunt her with Shine Championship. A match up surely on the way!

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6th DGUSA, Mercury Rising Results – [04/05/14]
May 2014 News posted by Amy • Filed in: DRAGON GATE(0)

In another title defence for her SHINE Women’s Championship, Ivelisse took on another great in Mercedes Martinez at the Mercury Rising show this past Sunday. The match starts off with Ivelisse gaining the upper hand landing a huge armdrag on Martinez leading to an arm bar which Martinez responds with a kick to the Champions face. The girls go back and forth in somewhat of a battle of the submissions until Martinez introduces Ivelisse’ face to the canvas. Martinez goes for the Yakuza kick which is missed as Ivelisse dodges and lands some of her own fiesty kicks. The Champion then reverses a fisherman buster into a DDT. Martinez catches her up top and hits a rope-assisted neckbreaker. She then kind of hits a jig n’ tonic for a nearfall and an upset win until Ivelisse hits a crucifix bomb to retain her title. Martinez stays down on the mat after the match to which Ivelisse shows great sportsmanship and helps her up with the assist of the referee. Great match from these two!

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5th Full Impact Pro, Accelerate Results – [03/05/14]
May 2014 News posted by Amy • Filed in: Full Impact Pro(0)

In what was surely set as another kickfest between the two Ivelisse took on Mia Yim in a singles match which saw the SHINE Women’s Championship on the line. Once again these two women put on one hell of a show with both bringing out all the moves in a bid to come out victorious. However this was short lived as out from under the ring came two masked men who took it upon themselves to end the contest and take out both Ivelisse and Mia Yim. Who were these men? Is there some third force which we are yet to see? All we do know is that Ivelisse will not take this one laying down.

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19th Shine 18 Results [04/18/14]
Apr 2014 News posted by Jen • Filed in: Gallery, Results, SHINE(0)

Ivelisse defended her Shine Championship once again in a bout against the vicious brawler Saraya Knight. The match starting out with pokes to the eyes from Saraya that did nothing but anger Ivelisse, it quickly became an all out brawl with nothing flashy or fancy about it. The two tore in to each other and Saraya kept Ivelisse on the run with her barroom style, using punches and hair tosses to try and throw Ivelisse off her game. But it’ll take more than that and Ivelisse fought back with her trademark kicks and viciousness of her own. Finally landing a knock out roundhouse, she then hit Disdain to pick up the pin and the win.

Winner: Ivelisse

However after the bell rung as Ivelisse celebrated her win, she was attacked by the reformed Valkyrie, sporting it’s new leader Serena Deeb and a new member in Su Yung – seemingly under Saraya Knights spell. Valkyrie laid out Ivelisse and those that came to help her, then Serena hung the title over Ivelisse’s head and told her she couldn’t run forever, she was here to bring the title back to Valkyrie. We’ll see about that!

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5th Shimmer 62 Results [05/04/14]
Apr 2014 News posted by Jen • Filed in: Gallery, Results, Shimmer(0)

Ivelisse made her Shimmer debut and took on Kimber Lee in a vicious bout. Starting out with a little back and forth to figure one another out, things soon got scrappy and it turned in to an all out fight. Nasty chops traded back and forth as well as trademark kicks. Eventually Ivelisse’s Scorpion kick followed up by the Code Red earned her yet another victory!

Winner: Ivelisse

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SHINE 11 saw Ivelisse take on 3 opponents in her bid to become the first SHINE womem's Champion. After successfully defeating three opponents in a fatal 4 way and Santana Garrett in a one on one match, Ivelisse sites were set on Mia Yim in the semi final round. However luck was about to run out as Rain "accidentally" cost Ivelisse her match. Later that night Rain would become the champion. With SHINE 12 just around the corner could we see an end to Valkyrie as Ivelisse tries to get some form of payback.
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